Kawasaki Ninja 650R/ER-6f | 2011

The Kawasaki Ninja 650R / ER-6f has been a massive favourite for beginner/intermediate riders since its introduction back in 2006. The new 2011 650R / ER-6f has not received any significant upgrades over the 2010 version, this is not a bad thing as the Ninja 650R / ER-6f is a great mid-level bike and considered a market leader.

650R/ER-6f Review

Kawasaki Ninja 650R / ER-6f Review Scores
The 650R / ER-6f looks much like its siblings, which we feel is a good thing.
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Comfy enough to be used for long commutes and town, city, country riding
With a 137 mph top speed and around 12 second quater mile the Ninja 650R / ER-6f is no slouch, especially for an intermediate level bike.
The Ninja 650R / ER-6f feels planted, balanced, nimble and gives the rider confidence. Perfect for the targeted beginner market.
Precise and effective but not too sharp, ideal for new/intermediate riders.
Fuel consumption is good for this level of bike, great reliable engine and mechanical parts.
Kawasaki have hit the mark with a fast and fun sports bike, that can be used everyday in the town or on the freeway/motorway. It was never designed to be a supersport racer but you can still have fun on the track.


Lets review the Kawasaki 650R / ER-6f in more detail….

Looks, Comfort & Practicality

Over recent years Kawasaki’s styling has taken a more radical style, using a sharp modern touch with attractive flowing angles. The 2011 650R / ER-6f is pretty much identical in styling to the 2010 version with some new options for colours (options: Candy Burnt Orange / Flat Super Black, Metallic Spark Black / Flat Super Black). The 650R / ER-6f’s tall fuel tank adds to the bike’s crouching, supersport appearance, with the aggressive and sharp tail completing the look. Overall a beautiful bike.

The 650R / ER-6f has full fairing, which significantly increases aerodynamics over the unfaired version (ER-6n), combined with a lip at the top of the windscreen that deflects air away from the rider, along with a duct in the center of the cowling that creates an “air bubble ” that significantly reduces wind and noise at high speeds, and a long front fender/guard reduces splash to a minimum. The compact engine, an offset single shock allowing the battery to be located on the side, reduces the dimensions of the whole bike allowing for a slim frame and make it easy for even small riders to plant their feet firmly on the ground. A rubber engine mount, rubber-insulated and mounted handlebars, rubber coated rider and passenger footpegs all reduce vibration felt by the rider improving comfort and reducing fatigue on longer rides. All these measures combined are very effective in giving the rider a more comfortable riding experience.

Great Instrument Display - However Sometimes Hard to see on Very Sunny Days

The 650R / ER-6f is designed to be a regularly used mid-level sportbike, ideal for longer journeys, commuting and nipping around towns and cities. Now we all agree the bike is comfortable, but in order to be used everyday in all areas, the bike needs to be practical. Luckily Kawasaki have introduced simple measures which make life a little easier; storage options include four tie-down hooks for baggage or a spare helmet to be secured to the seat and a storage space under the seat with room for a U-lock or similar device. The MotoGP inspired digital instruments are crisp and clean offering immediate and precise information; includes a fuel gauge, digital speedometer, clock, odometer, dual trip meters and a bar-style digital tachometer.

The Ninja 650R / ER-6f proves a performance bike can be a very comfortable and practical ride, great for both long commutes and short journeys, and putting a massive smile on your face.

Note: If you are over 6’2″ the bike may feel slightly small, but our testers never found this to be an issue.

Reliability and Running Costs

650R / ER-6f Fuel Economy: around 40 mpg for more aggressive runs, closer to 50 mpg on your average journeys

Miles to a tank: 130 – 200 miles depending on how much you wring its neck

Kawasaki have always done well on the reliability front, they tend to find an engine and mechanical parts that are solid, work tirelessly and rarely break-down. The 650R / ER-6f is no different, utilising a well liked and robust engine that can run into thousands of road miles with just regular services. The fuel economy is also pretty darn good, while not in the same league as a 250, easily matches any other bike at this level and heaps better than most cars. Good fuel economy and the performance to beat all but the very best sports cars, what a package.


649cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, eight-valve fuel-injected engine

2011 Ninja 650R Torque: 66 Nm (6.73 kg-m) @ 7000 rp

2011 Ninja 650R / ER-6f Power: 72.06 HP (53 kW) @ 8500 rpm

2011 Ninja 650R / ER-6f Top Speed: Measured 137.32 mph (221 kph)

2011 Ninja 650R / ER-6f 0-60 mph: tbc, our tests show 3.7 – 4.2 secs depending on rider weight, size and conditions

2011 Ninja 650R / ER-6f 1/4 mile: tbc, our tests indicate 12.0 – 12.8 secs

At the heart of the Kawasaki 650R / ER-6f is their excellent 649cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, eight-valve fuel-injected engine. The smart fuel injection system boosts low end performance and bottom end torque, when coupled with the proven twin cylinder engine, delivers smooth, responsive performance, especially in the low to medium rpm range. The 650R / ER-6f performance (data above) gives more than ample power to pass any traffic without straining the bike at all. The bike really moves for a 650, nowhere near a supersport of course – its not meant to, but still offers a great experience for the intermediate rider, and still fun for the more advanced.

The measures Kawasaki have employed ensure the Ninja 650R / ER-6f delivers power in a user-friendly manner, we experienced no throttle jerks or blips, only a smooth but powerful throttle response. Perfectly suited for the intended intermediate market.

Note: Kawasaki have routed the coolant hoses through the engine cases to reduce the number of external hoses to simplify the coolants system. Simplifying is always good, usually translates into a an easier/simpler replacement or fix when things go wrong.


Kawasaki have fitted the 650R / ER-6f with a sturdy, durable and lightweight steel trellis frame, a long swingarm and a short wheelbase (the swingarm has a D-shaped cross section for strength and weight), a 41mm fork and preload-adjustable laydown shock designed to create light and nimble handling that feels safe and planted.

Kawasaki always seem to combine the right level of design with the appropriate technology to provide great and easy handling machines, especially confidence inspiring for new to intermediate riders and much appreciated by more advanced riders. The new 650R / ER-6f is no different; being very easy to handle, a new rider will have little trouble swinging side-to-side into the corners, instilling confidence and predictability after a very short time on the bike.

The Ninja 650R / ER-6f feels planted, balanced, nimble and gives the rider confidence. Perfect for the targeted beginner market.

300mm Front Petal-Shaped Disc Brakes


Kawasaki have fitted dual 300mm front petal-shaped disc brakes with twin 27mm piston front brake calipers and a single 220mm rear petal-shaped disc.

The Ninja 650R / ER-6f’s brakes don’t deliver a really sharp bite like some of the higher models or supersports, but this is a blatant design feature due to the target beginner-market.




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